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At Danielle Gibson Events, we love celebrating Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day! In 2018 we designed a Galentine’s Day party with our Take Time To Toast industry vendors, friends and followers. Since we can’t gather this year due to Covid, we want to inspire you to find something you can do at home with your household […]

10 Things To Do For Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day

Celebration Ideas During COVID

At the beginning of quarantine we thought there would be a few “lucky” ones with quarantine birthdays, but almost 1 year later it seems most of the world will have a birthday or major milestone to celebrate during this global pandemic. For some it was weddings (which we wrote about in detail here), for some […]

4th Annual (Virtual + Free) Vision Board Party 2021

After speaking with so many of our friends and loved ones, it’s easy to agree that 2020 was not as we were all expecting. We all had plans made, vacations booked, and affirmations to uphold, how humbling these ideas are now. While we do not know what 2021 has in store, we are able to […]

If you are following along this Holiday it’s our 3rd blog in our “Home for the Holidays” series. So far we had fun drying citrus, cutting out snowflakes, and on Instagram Reel we made bath salts. Since events at Danielle Gibson Events are canceled this year due to Covid-19, we have had some free time. […]

Home for the Holidays – Setting the Table

Home for the Holidays Decorating with Snowflakes

As part of our “Home for the Holidays” blogs we are showing you easy decorating ideas you can do at home, because isn’t that where we all are these day? Next up, SNOWFLAKES! You can watch my video on how to create snowflakes on Instagram. Making paper snowflakes brings me back to childhood. No technology […]

Home For The Holidays Making Dried Citrus

I have been throwing many things at the wall this year to see what sticks. Without Danielle Gibson Events designing and planning corporate events because of Covid, what do I want to do with my life during this time? I have asked this time and time again. This holiday I have decided to take my […]

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