4th Annual (Virtual + Free) Vision Board Party 2021

December 22, 2020


After speaking with so many of our friends and loved ones, it’s easy to agree that 2020 was not as we were all expecting. We all had plans made, vacations booked, and affirmations to uphold, how humbling these ideas are now. While we do not know what 2021 has in store, we are able to offer some direction and maybe pinpoint some goals with Danielle Gibson Events’ 4th Annual Vision Board Party! This virtual event is the perfect opportunity to re-center and learn how to create achievable goals. (Here are some photos from our first Vision Board Party!)

What is a Vision Board?


For those wondering what we’re talking about, a vision board is a visual representation of your dreams, goals, and desires. Typically one will use magazine clippings, photos, and phrases to express what you want to achieve in the next month, year, two years, five years, etc. Once finished, a vision board should be placed somewhere you will see it every day (on your dresser, in your home office) so that you never lose sight of your goals and are constantly reminded to keep trying. 

What is a Vision Board Party?

While the name does give it away, here at Danielle Gibson Events we go all out for our Annual Vision Board Party, usually held in Napa, California (this is year #4!). While our parties have traditionally been in person, we knew the show had to go on this year and came up with some creative ways and partnered with a few amazing vendors to make sure you are all set up for success in 2021!  

What to Expect if you Register.


We will be hosting this event via Zoom this year, thanks to our partners at La Tavola BBJ Linen. Since one of our goals for the Vision Board Party is to bring people together, we wanted to close the virtual gap as much as possible and make it feel like we were all in the same room together. To do that, we partnered with LaCroix to provide a signature mocktail idea called the “CranRaspberry New Year New Sparkle”. Feel free to add a splash of bubbly or your favorite spirit to make it a cocktail. Check out this page for more fun mocktail ideas using LaCroix! To match your drink, LaCroix also provided us with a dreamy zoom background for the event! Click this link and scroll down the page to download this background or any of the fun backgrounds they have to offer! 

Once we are all settled with our drinks (and snacks if you want!), maybe light a candle or turn on your diffuser and we will begin a Guided Sanctuary Meditation from Emily Leahy, founder of Return to Sacred.

This 20-30 minute meditation is designed to expand consciousness and connect to your inner wisdom. Once in a relaxed state of mind, we will begin creating our Vision Boards. 

To help guide you through this meditation, Emily created a worksheet with a few categories for you to consider during the meditation. We encourage you to write down anything you are feeling after the meditation on this sheet or in a journal.

We have also included a map of the 7 Chakras for you to reference and to help better visualize during the meditation.


To help you prepare, we recommend gathering the following items:

  • Cork Board
  • Colorful Push Pins
  • Magazines for clippings of photos, words, and phrases
  • Scissors
  • Our 2021 Vision Board playlist
  • Emily’s Guided Meditation Worksheet (download available above!)

We typically have 2 professional calligraphers at our parties to write custom phrases you’d like to include on your boards. While we are not able to do this, the amazing Sheryl Chan, founder of Blushtype and Ashley Taylor, founder of Napa Note, each created sheets of popular words and phrases that you may download, print, and put on your boards! 

We also recommend that you come into the event with an idea of what you want your goals to be. To help you start this thought process, here are a few words from Emily for you to consider:

…Envision the person you are becoming, while remembering that power exists within you now. Do not be afraid of dreaming big and going to the edge of what you imagine for your life, let it be scary.

What are you wanting? Is it really what you want or what society tells you to want? Or something your old self wanted?

Clarity about what you want and the why and how you’ll create it. What needs to be released? Any attachments, emotions or fears to bring in these dreams?

What You Can Win! 

If we haven’t convinced you already to join, here’s the cherry on top! One attendee will win a YEAR’S SUPPLY* of LaCroix. That’s right. Here’s how it will work:

  1. Enjoy your evening at the party and create your beautiful vision board 
  2. Follow @daniellegibsonevents @taketimetotoast and @lacroixwater on Instagram
  3. Create a post of an image of your board on Instagram and tag @daniellegibsonevents, @taketimetotoast and @lacroixwater
  4. Boards must be posted by Monday, January 11, 10:00 am PST and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, January 12th.

*15 Cases of LaCroix Sparkling Water. Cases consist of 2/12 packs. Delivery to be shipped all at once or split into two shipments. Final delivery details to be mutually agreed upon by winner and sponsor.

Looking forward to seeing you and don’t forget to register ASAP as we have limited space! 




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