Danielle Gibson, DG Events founder, has over 25 years of experience in managing and motivating teams. With meticulous attention to detail and a personality that is as large as her passion for event planning, her leadership is both inspiring and contagious.

Every event, large or small, exudes creativity and delivers novel experiences to you and your guests.


Danielle Gibson

Since 2005, Danielle has honed her expertise in envisioning one-of-a-kind events where people have a truly amazing experience. A successful event is much more than an occasion. It’s an experience that touches people’s hearts.

Drawing from the finesse that only comes from years in management, customer service and flawless event execution, Danielle is the professional for professionals who sees eye to eye with executives and board levels. With more than 25 years of hands-on management experience, Danielle worked in retail management for 11 years, followed by another 10 years in the San Francisco event scene before starting her own event business in 2015.


Not one to sit back and watch the meticulous plan be executed, Danielle will step in to make sure your guests get everything they want and didn’t even know they wanted. She always has her fingers on the pulse of your event.


When it comes to the details, Danielle is a self-admitted madwoman. She and her team know what’s happening down to the minute. They design unique, all-encompassing experiences each time, expressed in every special delightful moment. Oohs and ahhs are frequently overheard around every corner.


Before event planning, Danielle studied Fashion Merchandising and Buying in New York and then put it into practice for 11 years at Gap, Inc. As if that weren’t enough under her stylish belt, she was also the Owner and Creative Director of her fine paperie, Tallu-lah. You know, in her spare time.


Meet Traci Stinnett. Traci has had the opportunity to work with an array of clients from all over the globe. Her career started in interior design, which eventually led her to event design and planning, where she found her true passion. Her aesthetics and work ethic have earned her an incredible career crafting and executing beautiful events and celebrations for over the past 16+ years. Having the ability to listen to her clients’ needs, bringing their vision to life, and not missing a detail, has built her impeccable reputation in the events industry.

Traci Stinnett

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