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I have been throwing many things at the wall this year to see what sticks. Without Danielle Gibson Events designing and planning corporate events because of Covid, what do I want to do with my life during this time? I have asked this time and time again. This holiday I have decided to take my […]

Home For The Holidays Making Dried Citrus

Designing The Thanksgiving Table with St. Supéry Winery

Thank you for those who watched us live! Here is the recording of our event last night. (We jump on right after their winemaker at about 23 minutes in…) We enjoyed showcasing our Thanksgiving table design and as promised, we have included all the products we displayed! A quick recap for those who could not […]

St. Supéry + Danielle Gibson Events Virtual Decor for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and like many of you, we have mixed feelings. Our melancholy for lost plans is a feeling we need to acknowledge, but we are also thankful for the chance to remember amazing past events and to challenge ourselves to continue to create this year. For example, our Take Time […]

If you weren’t feeling celebratory this year, we have the perfect answer to how to turn your frown upside down: HALLOWEEN!  Here at Danielle Gibson Events we love this season and have our porches decorated the first day of Fall. (September 22nd if you were wondering) While we are more than ready to get the […]

Halloween At Home: Decor, Activities and Treats to Celebrate!

Visit Paso Robles Like A Local

  This guide gives you the BEST locations for wine tasting, eating and overnight stays!  Why are we so confident our list is the BEST?  For over 17 years our specialty at DG Events has been scouting locations for events and venues for wine tasting in Napa. We have many friends in the wine industry […]

Should You Host Virtual Events?

So you’re involved in the event industry like us and you have a client, boss, or company who wants to go virtual, what’s next? Feeling overwhelmed with where to start?  Read on for an introductory guide to virtual event planning: how to pick a platform, how to convert an in-person event to virtual, and tips […]

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