Take Time to Toast Wellness

November 14, 2019

In a world filled with noise, we held a Take Time to Toast Wellness event at The Assembly, in San Francisco to provide a quiet, healthy space. We wanted to give attendees a chance to hit pause on the chaos of modern life, so we stripped away all the noise, just for half a day, and sat with the silence of our internal voices.

take time to toast wellness

Yoga with Natalie Somers

Yoga Instructor Natalie Somers led our attendees through an all-levels flow class. Yoga is intended to improve the strength and flexibility of your muscles, especially those that aren’t used often. Having Natalie gets our bodies in line with our mind was so helpful to kick off the day! You will only be more successful in your pursuits if you dedicate time to increasing your strength and flexibility (physically AND mentally!).

take time to toast wellness

Finding Your Personal Purpose with Kristin Krajecki

During the personal purpose workshop, each attendee had an opportunity to pause and reflect on where they were at that moment and where they wanted to get to. Purpose brings clarity to your goal setting by aligning those goals with your passions and values. Knowing our personal purpose helps steer our actions. We encourage you to set aside some time to think about what personal purpose means to you and how purpose has shaped your life and goals. Start to get clear on what excites you and what your passions are to help identify your purpose and align your life around it.

take time to toast wellness

Part of self care is your community: who you surround yourself with can bring you energy or drain your energy. We, as humans, are not meant to do this life thing alone. Embrace your community and encourage one another so that you all thrive and grow. Be on the lookout for our next Take Time to Toast event so that you too can invest in growing your community.

take time to toast wellness


Venue: The Assembly @theassemblysf

Photographer: Milou & Olin Photography @milouandolinphotography

Wine: Ferdinand Wines @ferdinandwines

Wine: Novaolo Wine @novaolo

Sparkling Water: La Croix @lacroixwater

Catering: Mortar & Pestle Cooking @mortarpestlecooking

Florals: Rito Ito Florals @rito_ito

Purpose Coach: Kristin Krajecki @novaolo

Yoga Instructor: Natalie Somers @natalie_somers

CBD Products: Winged CBD @wingedcbd

Skin Care: Lark Skin Co. @larkskinco




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