How To Plan A Beautiful Picnic In A COVID World

July 23, 2020

Do you want to throw a party but it’s unsafe to gather? 

How about having a backyard picnic with your shelter in place team? Your QuaranTEAM! 

The beauty of a picnic is that there are so many different ways to decorate. Whether you’re longing for a low-key get together or the upscale picnic of your dreams, we’ve got you covered! We have curated a list of our favorite things to use for whichever mood you’re in.

Budget-Friendly Picnicking

1.Tablecloth  2.  Plates  3. Cutlery  4. Cups 5. Napkins 6. Pineapple Pinata

Prioritizing other aspects of your picnic like food and beverage does not mean your table decor must leave something to be desired. In lieu of purchasing flowers or renting colorful linens, we suggest using colorful paper goods like the ones above to brighten up the tablescape. Online boutiques (remember to shop small!) like Oh Happy Day, Partydash and Confete Party have every color, pattern, or print (don’t be afraid to mix) you could desire at reasonable prices. We also recommend buying a piñata, like this cute pineapple (#6), for later in the night as an outlet to take out all of your quarantine frustrations. ? 

A little Danielle Gibson Events inspiration above from a past Take Time to Toast event. If you are craving some fresh greenery on your table, take some of your plants from around the house and place them on your table like above from one of our TTTT gatherings in Big Sur. (Plants by @scarlettandgrace, linens and pillows @latavolalinen, doormat @target, signage @studio.noel, paper goods @meredithlawdesign, plates @ikeausa)

Easy Peasy 

For those last minute planners – you know who you are, Party-In-A-Box from Confete Party will make hosting a breeze. With the option to create-your-own or choose from pre-made boxes, the options are endless and your table is guaranteed to be a showstopper.

Let’s Go All The Way!

Haven’t thrown a party in a while? Go Big on Design while you Stay Home!

  1. Tent for shade 2. Table and benches 3. Cutlery 4. Rugs + Pillows 5. Plates + Placemats 6. Napkins 7. Games

For those ready to celebrate in a big way, we are ready for you too. Renting a tent like the one above from Shelter Co. is a quick way to transform your backyard to an intimate, cozy space for you and your Quaranteam. Want to make it even cozier? Layer different textured rugs like these from Found Rentals, use a low-top table (potentially your coffee table) and a combination of throw pillows and poufs as seating! If you are feeling nostalgic for a more traditional picnic, add this adorable table and bench set from Shelter Co. that is guaranteed to bring back some camp memories. As another nod to tradition, we chose braided seagrass placemats, tassel napkins and simple white plates that reminded us of beautiful picnic baskets sets. With the tablescape done, we encourage you to go beyond and add a few backyard games to ensure a good time is had by all!

Don’t want to worry about rentals or not sure what you want? Enters Cali Picnics. This full-service luxury picnic service will take your vision (contact free!) and bring it to life without you having to lift a finger other than to raise your glass!  

What to Eat 

1. Sandwiches How to Wash Produce 3. S’mores 4. Rosé 5. La Croix Paloma 6. Fried Chicken 8. Mini Cutting Boards

The thought of safely preparing food for our friends has us thinking “why not leave cooking to the professionals?” With so many amazing catering companies to support in the San Francisco Bay Area like Foxtail Catering and their new Meal Kits and Southside and their famous Fried Chicken Buckets, you can find exactly what you’re looking for. To keep it safely casual, we recommend ordering food that can be displayed at room temperature and served as individual portions. For example, ordering sandwiches like the delicious Green Graze Sandwich recipe from Frances & Sheryl of The Modern Romantics is an easy meal with minimal chance of cross-contamination when wrapped individually. Another easy option is to create individual cheese and charcuterie boards that you could double as place cards! If you are considering cutting and displaying fruit, I recommend reading delish’s article on how to properly wash produce to reduce the chance of contracting the COVID-19 virus. 

Now I know what you’re thinking, what about dessert and drinks? 

For dessert, why not go with a good old fashion S’more? Prior to your guests arrival, you can pre-set the ingredients using gloves and then when it is time to make them, let your Quaranteam cook their own! 

For drinks, aside from water, (which is ESPECIALLY important during the summer months) we recommend assorted La Croix, the 2018 Tournesol Rosé as an adult beverage, and a delicious Blood Orange Paloma pre-mixed in individual mason jars. Use galvanized buckets filled with ice to display all the options! 

What to Wear/How to Keep it Safe? 

The best part about dressing for a picnic is getting you out of your everyday Covid-19 clothes!

If being stuck at home has made you want to wear the brightest dress you own, then go for it! We have compiled some of our favorite outfits for everyone below, along with a few accessories. Yes, we did include masks and hand sanitizer in the accessories because let’s face it, (no pun intended) you can’t leave the house without either anymore, so you might as well look good while being safe.  


  1. Light Pink Shirt 2. White Stripe Shirt 3.Gray Shorts 4. Navy Shorts 5. Floral Print Dress 6. Red Dress 7. Striped Shirt 8. Blue Shorts

  1. White Dress 2. Red Dress 3.Graphic Tee 4. Gingham Jumpsuit  5. Olive Jumpsuit

  1. Straw Hat  2.Fedora  3. Face Mask Set 4. Palm Earrings 5. Hand Sanitizer 6. Face Mask 7. Youth Face Mask 8. Rifle Paper Face Mask


Here are some photos from past Danielle Gibson Events’ for more inspiration!

Event design Danielle Gibson Events 

Napkins and flatware @encoreeventrentals, tables @riondesigns, rugs, pillows, chairs, poufs @shelterco, florals, chocolates @theochocolate, calligraphy @blushtype, cutting boards @ikeausa

Event design Danielle Gibson Events 

Greenery @scarlettandgrace, florals @revelfloral, paper goods @meredithlawdesign, napkins @latavolalinen, runners @target, pink plates @ikeausa




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