Venice in a day!

Traveling is fun but it’s also a ton of work to prepare for and plan.

Thinking about making your way to Venice ever? Here’s my guide to less than 24 hours in this beautiful city!

I came into Venice with low expectations because of reviews I’d heard from friends. Maybe this was a good thing because it FAR exceeded my expectations and I absolutely loved it here.

I got off the plane and took a regular bus and a water bus to my airbnb located just a 7 minute walk from the Rialto Bridge. (The Ponte De Rialto aka the Rialto Bridge and San Marco aka San Marco Basilica are the 2 most popular destinations in Venice.)

Click here to view our airbnb. I didn’t get to meet our host, I arrived later than my friends. But from what I hear she was nice, available, and the apartment was as described. The main bed is pretty stiff and the pillows are pretty flat…heads up 😉 My favorite part was the roof top terrace. We had AC but the roof was a nice spot to chill and catch the breeze off the water.

I got to our apartment around 8:30pm and after a quick shower we headed to dinner! We ate at Taverna SanLio con alloggi. 10/10 would reccommend the ricotta ravioli with vegetable sauce.

We washed down dinner with gelato. Of course.

I got the passion fruit flavor from SUSO. It was a cute and popular spot and the gelato was delicious (Lauren can contest to this with her 3 scoops).

The next day we checked out of the airbnb in the morning and spent the next several hours exploring the city.

Bridge of Sighs
Ponte De Rialto
Pastries from Marchini Time
Lunch (specifically pizza + an aperol spritz*) from Farini**
Eat pasta from a box next to a canal. (We went to Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta To Go, the first & original since 2012.)

*An aperol spritz is 3 parts prosecco, 2 parts aperol, 1 splash of soda. It’s the traditional Italian aperitif cocktail. Basically Italy’s version of Sangria. Most commonly served in Northeast Italy.
**Farini was SO CUTE. A little cafe with lots of options (sandwiches, pizza, salad, coffee, cocktails, etc.) and super friendly/entertaining employees. It was packed every time we walked by from 8am-8pm.


  • Take a gondola ride if you feel so inclined but don’t feel obligated. It wont make or break your trip – but no regreats right? I decided I didn’t feel it was necessary (80 euros) and instead we took a private water taxi (50 euros) to get to our train station. This brings me to point number 2 –
  • Take a private water taxi – feel like a movie star.
  • Visit small and popular restaurants off the beaten path of the tourist piazzas. Don’t eat anywhere with pictures or a million different languages on the menu. Your food will be much better and probably cheaper.
  • Eat cicchetti, the Venetian answer to tapas.
  • Eat yummy pastries anywhere and everywhere. Fun fact, the use of sugar in cooking was actually discovered in Venice.
  • If you’re looking for downtime, grab a glass of wine, an aperol spritz, a cup of coffee, or just some water and chill at one of the *expensive and touristy* restaurants along the grand canal. It’s a great people watching spot and you can enjoy the view and the breeze from the comfort of a chair for as long as you please. I enjoyed this part of our day so much.