The 17 Day Itinerary: Italy + Greece


1 night
3 nights (day trip to Cinque Terre)
3 nights
2 nights
4 nights
1 night


Shaina + Lizzie + Lauren: 3 recent college grads


We’re staying at a cute little Airbnb with a rooftop terrace (stay tuned for pictures) and my only necessity in this city is to romantically ride a gondola down the river (+ find Nick and Joe Jonas who just posted a pic romantically riding a gondola down the river…)


Day 1: arrive at 8:30pm and walk from the train station to our Airbnb (stopping for dinner + an aperol spritz along the way!)

Day 2: Cinque Terre. We’ll hike between 1 or 2 cities, take the train between the others and ultimately spend some time in the sunshine on the beach in Monterosso al Mare.

Day 3: tourist things! The Duomo, Accademia Gallery (hello David!), and all of the gelato and pasta we can possibly fit into our limited hours because we have a million recommendations from friends who have been to Florence in the last couple years.


Day 1: exploring! Food, wine, food, wine, food, wine, food, wine.

Day 2: Colosseum and Vatican Tours. We’re using Walks Of Italy.

Day 3: Lauren leaves us 🙁 we’ll console ourselves with more food/wine/food/wine/food/wine…


Day 1: fly from Rome to Palermo (via RyanAir – the best for cheap, short flights). Here we’re staying with Lizzie’s family, a welcome break from the Airbnbs, hello laundry time! Have I mentioned I only brought 1 carry-on bag…

Day 2: beach beach beach beach beach


Day 1: we’re staying at Holiday Beach Resort (a hostel) in Perissa (on the beach!)

Day 2: rent ATVs, explore the island, sunset dinner in Oia, lots of wine. Noticing a trend?

Day 3: I am so excited about this… SUNSET CATAMARAN CRUISE. I booked this through Viator. Swimming in hot-springs, snorkeling, red & black sand beaches, dinner buffet, unlimited beer and wine. I’m pretty sure I’ve told everyone and their mother about my excitement for this excursion and that Viator should actually be paying me to go since I’ve done so much advertising for them.

Day 4: r&r


We only get day-time hours in Athens, it’ll be short and sweet. But we found this sick Airbnb to stay in called The Underground Pad. I can’t wait to see it in person, mood lighting and all.


If we’ve made it to Stockholm, that means we’re actually embarking on the 24+ hour journey back to California and i’m surprised we didn’t get stuck in the beautiful Greek islands to live out the rest of our 20’s with drinks in hand…oh well. Stockholm is too brief of a time period for any plans but I’m hoping to hit up a cute coffee shop before the 15 hour plane ride. Joy.